I love tips and tricks to getting soft chapatis, so far I have several ways I have learnt to fold chapati so that you get the softest chapati full of layers. I have already done 2 ways that I have already shared on my Youtbe channel. This method is very easy and the more practise you do it, the better you will become.


2 Cups All Purpose Flour

1 1/2 or more Hot Water mixed with 1 teaspoon salt

1 Teaspoon Salt

1/4 Cup Oil for kneading

1 Cup for cooking


Add flour to bowl, add water 1 cup at a time kneading until you get a smooth dough

Pinch golf sized balls from the dough and form rounds

Finish dividing all the dough balls

Roll one of the doughs into a rough round

In this step you do not have to have a perfect round

Spread oil ontop of the round dough

Lift from the edge of the dough and start rolling

Keep rolling

Keep rolling until you have a long log

Start folding inwards to create a coil like shape

Keep folding inwards

Fold until all the dough is a round coil

Tuck the last biy under the round coil

Repeat the process for all the dough balls

Take one of the coiled doughs and roll into a perfect round

Place dough on heated pan, cook until bubbles appear ontop

Flip the chapati and apply oil on the first side. Turn, apply oil on the second side and cook 3 minutes

Cook the chapati until goldrn brown on both sides

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