I am always looking for sauces to add to my pantry since they add that extra flavour to my dishes. I have fish sauce and worcestshire sauce so adding Oyster sauce to my collection seemed like the natural thing to do. Oyster sauce is made from boiled oysters and seasoning. Despite the name, the savoury taste does not have a fishy taste to it. This is because the sauce undergoes a boiling process that retains all the flavour and removes most of the fishy taste that you might think it has.

Oyster sauce is used in dishes that have meats, vegetables such as stir fries, soups and even stews!

Oyster sauce is especially popular or mostly used in Thai cuisine, Vietnamese cuisine, Cantonese cuisine among other Asian countries. This is because most of these Asian countries make stir fry meals that require sauces for extra flavour and depth.  

Oyster sauce add Ummami flavour to any dish that is added to. Ummami flavour is that earthy taste that has great depth like that flavour you get from mushrooms. There are even vegan Oyster sauce flavours that you can find in the market. So far this is my favourite sauce that I have been using for my stir fries dishes!

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