I love spices and as much as I love dried spices, nothing beats the fresh ones that have wholesome nutrients and benefits. There are so many varieties of peppers that sometimes its hard to kerp up with the names or even types. Peppers come in the sweet and hot kinds, some you can eat raw and include in salads but today’s variety has a different story all together. Green Bullet Peppers are usually a hot peppers variety that is too hot to eat raw. 

The green bullet is best used in  cooking foods like stir fries, roasting, sauteeing and even grilling.

When cooking with the green bullet peppers, its usually advised to remove the seeds and veins

Chinese cooking is one of those cuisines that use green bullet peppers to prepare the meals. Most Asian cooking like soups, stir fries and stews never miss the green bullet peppers

The green bullets peppers pair really well with vegetables such as bell peppers, mushroom, green beans and even egg plant

Some of the meats that pair so perfectly with the green bullet peppers include poultry, beef and especially pork 

Green bullet chilies should be stored refrigerated, unwashed in zipper bags which will keep for a week

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