Series 2 of our pantry organization continues with the process of getting an organized pantry. You never know that you have so much stuff until it is all laid out out of the pantry. The best way to declutter and organize your pantry is laying everything out so that you know where to begin. Once everything is out you can plan where and how the items will be placed back. You get a much better perspective. For now there are no canisters or containers to put the dry food stuff in, but it still needs to be decluttered and arranged in a way I can find things easily.  You
saw how the pantry looked which was giving me negative unsettling vibes. Today is the day I work on it. Since it is a process with some stages, I will post the organized pantry next week. Today I will just show you my process and give you some tips then next week will be the big reveal. I cannot wait to start on this pantry organization so lets get on with it💪💪

The first thing to do after removing the food stuff from the pantry is to arrange them according to category. Since it is a multi storage pantry I arranged the food stuff like grains, cereals, spices, condiments, flour in one area

I just had to have a breather before continuing! There is so much stuff! Oh well, sips water, continues…

Bathroom stuff I arranged separately. From toothpaste, bathing soap, washing soap, hand washing liquid, air fresheners, and pots cleaning liquid

Cooking cereals like rice, green grams, cooking oil, aluminium foil, cling film arranged separately

Sorting everything out in a pile enables you to rearrange the stuff back in the pantry easily. If everything is scattered it will stress you and you will probably give up

There seems to be so much stuff when everything is out of the pantry but sectioning everything gives you peace of mind. And it will also enable you to sort out those food stuffs that have expired, what food stuffs or kitchen items need replacement.

Once the closets are cleared you now have space to see what goes where and how it will look like

It is such a refreshing feeling to have empty spaces. But, now the cleaning has to start. Since it has been a while since clearing the pantry, it’s filled with dust, grains here and there, flour, bits of cookies, I tell you, ants would have a field day!

Use some washing liquid and sponge to first soap up the shelves

Wipe down the shelves with clean towel and leave them to dry before putting the food stuff back

Nothing beats a clean pantry!

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