Peeling raw or green bananas has always been a hustle for me, probably why I haven’t been cooking them. Whenever you peel green raw bananas, there is that sticky stuff that gets left behind on your fingers and hands. Plus there is a dark purplelish stain that also sticks to your palms. You need to thoroughly wash your hands after with something rough in order to remove thr stain and stickiness. I have heard of tips like smearing your hands with oil before chopping raw green bananas, soaking the bananas in salty water first before chopping or even covering or wrapping your hands with plastic paperbags and the chopping. Well apart from being such a hustle, paperbags were banned in Kenya so that is scrapped off. The method that I have seen is fast and though it does not scrape off all the stain, at least the stickiness is reduced and you do finish much faster. Another advantage is that you will not be chopping off too much flesh from the green raw bananas. So here is how I peel green raw bananas that I used for my matoke recipe.

Chop off the top and bottom ends of the green raw banana

Slice the green raw banana from one end to the other

Twist the knife and lift off one part of the sliced green raw banana

Twist the knife opening wide the sliced area

Put your thumb inside the slit and start pushing away the peel top to bottom. Lift the first layer off

Push the second layer of the skin off the green raw banana

Push out the third layer, don’t worry about getting a bit of flesh. Not everyone of the bananas will come off with flesh

Continue peeling off the fourth and last layer off the green raw banana

All the banana peel has come off

One banana peeled perfectly hustle free. They may seem like many steps but once you do one, the rest are easy peasy

What are some of your raw banana peeling tips you have tried before? Let me know!

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