I’m literally OCD when it comes to organization. I love things to be neat and organized, just makes my life that much easier, and so light. The kitchen is where we spend most of our time since we have three meals a day, on a good day, it is where we store a lot of the food stuff. Therefore the storage area should be clean and clutter free not only to look organized but also to prevent contamination of food items or rotting of others. Most of us have the opportunity to have a kitchen pantry that you can store food items when you buy in bulk. And that is where pantry organization comes in. I know I said I love organizing but look at this pantry, giving me the chills just walking into it. Call it laziness, procastination or whatever, I need to work on it ASAP! But why do you need to have an organized pantry? Well read on to find out why

An organized pantry helps you to declutter. This helps you to be able to know which food items are essential and which ones needs to be discarded. When you have too many things in the pantry you will not be able to know which food items need to be replaced

Pantry organization helps you to utilize space that you would not have known you have. When things are organized it is easier to use up the corner of the pantry by adding slim containers. When you utilize space you can add more stuff

Pantry organization enables you to arrange your food stuff in zones for quick access. Some of the zones for your pantry include

Guest Treats

This is where you arrange the fancy stuff that is reserved for your guests. Some of these snacks include crisps, chocolate, cookies, crackers, soda among others

Kids Area

Snacks like cereals, fruits, fresh juices should be stored here. This area needs to be at an easy to reach shelf where the kids can easily access

Baking and Spices

My favorite zone. Here you store baking goods like flour, sugar, cooking chocolate, essences, eggs etc. For spices add both ground spices, whole spices or even herbs

Home Remedies

This zone should also be in an easy to reach area in the pantry. They include stuff like ginger tea, chicken noodle soup, crackers or instant meals

More zones for your pantry include
Weeknight Meals

These are food stuff that are cooked at dinner times with the family. They include pasta, spaghetti, dried fruits among others

Holiday Fixings

Pumpkin puree, cranberry sauces, gravy mix go here since they are seasonal ingredients like christmas, thanksgiving or easter, they can be stored not too far back in the pantry

On The Go Eating

This is where you store food stuffs that need to be readily available like breakfast items that you can grab and go. Such food stuffs like breakfast bars, granola, microwavable cereal, nuts and even fruits


You need an area where you can store food stuff that you use on a regular basis. They include beans, rice, pasta, seeds or nuts. They should be placed in clear labeled containers that are easily accessible

An organized pantry relieves you from the stress of frantically looking for an ingredient to make your meals. It is such a breath of fresh air when you open your pantry and you can see everything within your reach and quickly grab when you need it

So let me work on organizing this pantry that is giving me major anxiety. Next week or even earlier, I will reveal the new organized clean pantry, now where is that apron I start dusting? Wish me luck guys😉🤔😁

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