Meal preparation, which sometimes
called “meal prep,” is the process of planning and preparing meals. It
can mean preparing meals ahead of time for a short extended period of time.
When it comes to meal preparation, the food may be fully cooked, precooked or
even just set out in readiness for the preparation. People often do meal preps
for different reasons which include but not limited to those who want to
maintain a healthy lifestyle, those who want to lose weight, those who want to
gain muscle or even as a recommendation by their doctors for certain diets
based on their illnesses. Meals may eb prepared in small quantities and store
in containers to be cooked at a later date or even cooked just waiting to be warmed

For me meal, prep comes in whenever I want to prepare meals and I have to
set out the ingredients to be used in the recipe for easier management of time
and space. It is so easy when you have all your ingredients laid out so that
you do not have to keep running up and down or into the pantry to pick
ingredients as you roll here, stir there, knead here… too hectic!


When preparing meals for eating,
it usually requires a selection of ingredients, measurements of the said
ingredients and combining ingredients together to create your desired meal.
Meal preparation is not just limited to cooking, as I have stated earlier, it
can be gathering ingredients together at a particular place to prepare the
cooking process

Meal planning is personal to
every individual, and they can be done days, months or even months in advance.
When it comes to meal planning you first need to consider your budget for the
food you want to prepare, the occasion and even the diet that you are looking
towards following.

Meal planning will enable you to
save money as you will be able to know what to budget for in advance. It also
saves you on time, if for precooked meals, it means you will have food to go
anytime you want to eat without thinking too much on what to prepare.

Meal planning is great because it
will create healthy eating habits. There is nothing as great as knowing that
you have some ready meals in the fridge that you can just whip up in a few
minutes or just heat up to eat. You won’t have any cravings for unhealthy food because
you have ready meals just waiting to be devoured.

Meal planning will definitely reduce
food wastage.  Any time you want to meal
prep, you usually measure out the ingredients to use of any meal therefore
there will be no wastage. When you meal prep you have food ready to be eaten so
there will be no need to shop haphazardly and in the end throw out food because
it went stale for not being cooked or used

Meal planning will reduce stress.
There is nothing as satisfying as knowing that you have ready food at home that
will take you literally a few minutes to be ready. I know how it feels to get
home and you are so tired you cringe painfully at the thought of deciding what
to prepare. You check your fridge or pantry and find nothing you want to eat.
What is the solution? Pick your phone and dial-a-delivery for pizza, burger or
even fried chicken! Junk! It can be stressful sitting at the office and several
hours before going home, you are busy racking your brain on what to prepare, so
meal prep is the way to go.

The ideas for planning meals is
that you will become well organized in terms of the food you eat with your
family and thinking ahead of time on what you want to eat for the day, week,
and even month will bring out your creative juices and inspire you to come up
with delicious meals and get you to try that recipe you have been seeing on YouTube
that you always wanted to try.
There is never really a right or
wrong way to meal prep. It all depends on your dietary needs, food lifestyle
choices, the need to be organized, wanting to be creative and adventurous in
the kitchen or just having peace of mind when it comes to making food and
actually enjoying it.

Have you done meal prepping before? What are some of your best meal prep ideas that have worked for you. Share your thoughts below and will be very happy to try out some of your great ideas on making meal prep fun and functional

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