Happy New Year My Lovelies! We made it! To another Year! 2019! That is how I want to end my year at the end of 2019, with lots of excitement and energy. Thank you for being with me in this journey and peeping through my small Kitchen. I have so much planned for this year and I am hoping that they will come to fruition as I move to the next stages of my life. For me cooking is me, it’s my life, it’s what I dream of doing for the rest of my life. I think I would not be as happy as I usually am when I am in the kitchen being anywhere else. So to begin this new year, I am taking stock of what 2018 has been for me and hoping for a better, calmer, beautiful, exciting 2019. So this is me reflecting on 2018 and my hopes for 2019. 

Opening:  my YOUTUBE hannel! It has been something that
I have wanted to do and I think now is the time; I am ready for it, excited
about it and looking forward to having fun and bringing my recipes to life
Feeling: anticipatory. I don’t know
I just have this feeling of anticipating for something greater and more
Knowing: i will have an adventurous
year this 2019
Wishing: to be healthy all
throughout this year
Hoping: that I will not lose my
interest and love for cooking food no matter what comes along
Marveling: at how much I have
grown over the last year, even though they might have been small unnoticeable
steps, I have truly grown
Needing: to never give in to depression
because of sadness or unfulfilled hopes and dreams I may have had before
Learning: i can be anything I want
to be regardless of how fearful I feel
Loving: my food blog. Am I the only one who finds
herself going over the recipes on the blog, admiring how better they turned out
than expected. No?
Admiring: my strength throughout 2018. I had so much loss spilling through from last year from loosing my baby yet I have not broken down to the point I haven’t been able to stand up. It’s been pretty hard but, I have done my best
Thinking: of yummy chocolate
sponge cake. I don’t think I will ever get over or stop loving cake, especially
black forest cake or white forest cake or red velvet cake or… you get the drill, I love cake! and I cannot lie!
Wanting: to cook every second of
the day. There are days I want to cook 100 things and there are days I do not
want to cook but still find myself thinking of a recipe to make
Smelling: steamed basmati rice. I
would eat plain basmati rice, there is something just intoxicating about the
scent of steamed basmati rice, yummy!
Dreaming: of having my own
restaurant and small intimate bakery with a corner library or coffee shop with a live band
Cooking: chapati, somehow chapati
is still one of my favorite meals to prepare
Reading: I think We’re Gonna Need More Wine by Gabrielle Union
Drinking: apple cinnamon tea
without milk. Lately I just want black tea and this flavor is now my fave! I have a few faves though…
Listening: to Emeli Sandé – ReadAll About. This song has been my 2018 song, it just gets to my uttermost
deepest part without knowing how. I love the lyrics and always listen to them one by one. It has shown me that I should not let people dictate my decisions,
they will speak, yet they cannot change me
Wondering:  how to make Nairobi Kitchen the best blog
locally and internationally. I want to brand Nairobi Kitchen  so that it is not just a food blog but a
platform that makes the kitchen come alive with good food and good living
Following: dad with a pan in IG. I
love his feed and the fact that he is a dad and cooks for his family is just a
Wearing: a dera. It’s so freeing and light
Regretting: I don’t know if I can say that I don’t have
any regrets, but today I choose not to highlight them
Noticing:  how calmer I feel, though I resigned from my
job, somehow I know I will be alright and the future has so much for me that I will
work towards doing what I was meant to do, that is, COOK great food and enjoy great food
Giggling: a lot with family. Sometimes it’s the simple things in life that give you so much joy like spending time with family especially those you have not seen in a while

I need to make me some scones!

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